Thursday, 16 June 2011

Jedward Might Be A Viable Option At This Point

Like most people with a twitter account, an interest in politics and a dark sense of humour, the highlight of my day was the #AskEdM event that took place on twitter at 5pm. It lasted less than an hour but I bet it dragged for Ed Miliband. It was so funny that at one point I snorted and had to wipe my computer screen. 

The division bell sounded at 6pm and because I had refused to budge from my desk for fear of missing something good, I very nearly wet myself when the ding aling ding started.

I asked about half a dozen questions and only one could be considered a real question. People seemed to like this tweet. It even got a mention on the Spectator's Coffee House!

I had to give a tour today. The poor b*stards didn't know what to do with themsleves as I marched them around the Estate. "Yes, yes. That's the chamber, that's the lobby. For god's sake don't touch anything! Did you know you can be arrested for the looking the Speaker in the eye? MIND THE JAG!"

Toodles x

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  1. As entertaining as your story was............ the image of Ed Miliband you selected was so overpoweringly "awkward" that frankly I'm still in some sort of "surely he's a Broadmoor patient" shock......