Thursday, 17 November 2011

'Oh fancy that – I'm eye level with your zipper...'

Surely a Minister such as Alan Duncan would have a key to his own office? The poor lamb was left waiting in the hallway for a member of staff to let him in the other day. I like Alan; he has always been polite and kind whenever we have crossed paths. So I say with affection Alan, dear, do carry a key.

We had problems with office equipment this week. To say the chap sent to fix it was a hunk is an understatement. I need to break things more often! I wish I could say I didn't gawk as he bent over the desk to play with plugs but that would make me a big fat liar and my dear old gran told me to never lie about perving over men. After all they make no secret of when they do it to us so why spare their blushes? Equality for all!

'What's that, you need help with the packaging? Well of course. Just let me hike my skirt up a bit before I kneel down. Oh fancy that – I'm eye level with your zipper...'

And that's when the boss came back, grumbling about the low standard of debate in the chamber. Not a word was said about him finding me in a questionable position in the middle of the office but then that's the beauty of working for an old school MP.

Toodles! x

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