Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tour of Duty

Next stop: OFFICE RAGE!
 Dear Members of Parliament. Take a moment to think before promising tour places to schools, churches, or absolutely anyone. Skipping into the office at 4:30pm and telling your staff to book a tour for 20 people for the following Thursday is not just unfair to your staff but down right idiotic.
I know you all seem to think that these sort of things are magicked up by the bloody House fairies clicking their fingers. Well, to state the effing obvious; it's not.

Please try to remember that tour spaces are booked up a month or two in advance and saying “Just see what can be done” isn't going to make a blind bit of difference if there are no more spaces left.

And don't even think about then asking your staff to give the tour instead. All the other jobs or requests you've made since 8am need to be finished and that can't be done if a staff member has to babysit a group to fix the problem that you created.

So the whole point of this post is simply this: try and work from home if you can. Your staff will be grateful for the few hours of peace.

And exhale.

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  1. any chance of a look round? Later today okay?