Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"I should smother you in your sleep for wasting my time!"

Hugs and kisses to @reporterboy for linking me to this image
I've come to the sad realisation that despite his red hair - Prince Harry may actually be my soul mate. Or, at least, a chap I wouldn't get bored with in less than a month. Drat.

Just consider it dear readers, he and I both like a drink, both like to smoke. I love travelling and having people do things for me. I like to dress up, he needs to never go near a fancy dress shop ever again. I wouldn't mind any silly nights out to a strip bar so long as I get to spend the same amount the next day on shoes.
The world sees William and Kate as the golden couple and by having me beside him, Harry can make his older brother look even better. I can see it now... Someone contact Clarence House!

Speaking of royalty, as one so often does, there was no difference to the security for the Her Majesty's visit today. The Pope and Obama visits were guaranteed fingers probe but I wasn't stopped once on Tuesday. I must be losing my touch.

Good night x

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