Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fig Trees, Sean Penn and The Children

Why mummy, why?
A few things caught my eye in the Evening Standard this week. The story about how children are being turned away from the Speaker's nursery made my blood boil. I've never seen more than four kids in there at a time and now I know why. It's not just a waste of taxpayers money, it's also a bloody waste of space. All those who remember Bellamy's Bar will have set a black dot next to The Speaker's name.

Dear readers will have known of my dislike of the PCH trees many months ago. As I said then: if you want to have your meeting or lunch under a tree, next to water – p*ss off to St James' park. In fact I know people who could have got those trees for free and would have only asked for a picnic on the roof as payment! £100,000 on oak panelling? You mean those god awful corridors where the doors look like the walls and a less that sober person can get so lost they tearfully call their friend up asking for them to come get them? Get your money back, I say.

I've only seen the boss once this week as it's recess. And true to form he wanted an off the estate lunch to be our catch up meeting. It ended up with the pair of us bitching and gossiping like a pair of middle aged women. I would never actually say this to him as he would take it as the greatest insult. 

“Who the hell is this Sean Penn sh*t I've been reading about and why is he allowed to comment on foreign events but when I do it I'm 'making a diplomatic incident'?”

Toodles! x

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  1. Sean Penn is the biggest moron in Hollywood, and you'd do best to make an alternative investment of your time and ignore him. He is a shill for Hugo Chavez as well.