Monday, 24 October 2011

Clenchy Monday

There's a very strange vibe on the estate today, a real kind of tension in the Tory camp. It's like everyone is clenching and unclenching their fists as they walk and talk. Speaking of fists - has Carswell been involved in any other arguments after the fun of last Thursday? Discretion is sometimes needed, chaps.

The boss has taken to tapping the sharpe end of the letter opener on his desk. I'm expecting to walk in at some point and find him carving live free or die into the surface. When Facilities see the mess he's making, it will be me that has to make the excuses. Just like the time he was caught drawing taches onto posters in the constituency office.

I do have a confession to make and I'm not proud of myself. I quite literally bumped into Speaker Bercow in a corridor and as my brain processed the nomal suit and bowling walk, I thought 'hellooooo!' which was quickly followed by 'oh dear god, Flick, you really are one smile away from dry humping the furniture!'

Toodles x

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