Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello, is it me you're looking for...

The office phone rang before I had a chance to log in to my pc on Tuesday morning. I only answered it because I could see from the display that it wasn't from the constituency. Calling me before I've had my coffee and then staying silent on the line is a guaranteed way of pissing me off. I knew there was someone there as I could hear background noise and after saying "Hello" twice I put the phone down.
It happened eleven more times throughout the morning and I became more and more aggressive with each one. By lunch time I had reached "Look, if this doesn't stop I'll give your number to police so they can find you and kick your family pet. I'm sure you've got better things to do and if you haven't, might I suggest you use this time to look for a job. Goodbye!"
That seemed to work for a good few hours, until another call came through on the same number mid afternoon. However this time there was someone there, someone from the CSA. I didn't bother asking if they had trouble with their phone lines, I just hope my pet threat hadn't been recorded. 

There's a wiff in the air and it is definitely the smell of euroscepticism. It's invigorating! There's shenanigans afoot on the backbenches and if Dave isn't careful he's going to find himself surrounded.

Nearly time for PMQs again. I wonder if Ed can build on his success from last week?

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