Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bad Felicity!

Which dedicated bag carrier is at her desk, looking amazing and firing off emails at 9am on a hungover recess morning. You bet your arse it's me! It's important to get at least one email to the boss before 9am so he knows that I am working. Yesterday the email simply said 'You'll never believe this but there's post here for you!'

There has been a higher level of drinking than normal this week, what with the sunshine and everything. This has resulted in a serious lack of posting on my part. I think I've done the Westminster pub crawl every night this week and I believe I've seen more Sky News reporters out and about than I have MPs which when you think about it doesn't actually mean much.

So yes, I am writing this at my desk on a Thursday morning and once it's posted I intend to eat a full English in the vain hope that it might get rid of the taste of Bacardi.


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