Friday, 8 April 2011

Felicity vs IPSA

Since recess is slow and the only thing to look forward to is a pimms on the terrace, I would recommend that my dear readers send me bits and bobs I can post up here. Feel free to send me something funny, or weird or even down right indecent. If you think something is worth sharing then I am all ears and eyes.

I had this email today from a staffer working for one of the new intake.

Hi Felicity,
Just thought you may find this funny as you too are probably swamped by angry constituents complaining about the NHS reforms. After mail merging and folding the replies (there were many) I discovered that I had dated it 2010, probably because of the vast number of election letters I wrote around about this time last year. Anyway cue swearing and our shredder getting a work out !
Keep up the good work!

As I've mentioned in a previous post, IPSA have been changing their minds about things. Most recently it's the AV Referendum. A month ago this was perfectly acceptable to have on an MP's website, either for or against. In the time it's taken to put in the invoice, add the logos and maybe a few links or photos, IPSA have changed their policy and are now sending back claims. 

"It's against the rules."
"I was told differently a month ago."
"No, you must have been told wrong."
"When was this change made?"
"About two weeks ago."
" it was correct then but IPSA have since changed the rules and we're being punished for your lack of communication? Do you have a email going out to tell MPs when there is a policy change?"
"So how are we meant to know?"
"I would suggest that if you or anyone else in the office is unsure about what is and isn't allowed then you should call and ask us."


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