Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Calm Down Dear

Everyone is bleating on about Winnergate. Deary me, anyone would think we don't have a economy to straighten out or a conflict in Libya to deal with.

The Left is up in arms. Typical. "How dare he refer to a female as 'dear'! It's sexist. He would never have said anything like that to a man."

Actually he did in 2007. Here's an extract from dated 12th December 2007.

David Cameron (Leader of the Opposition; Witney, Conservative)
February. Thank you, but why was it not in the Prime Minister's statement? The whole point is to announce things to the House of Commons! I know that the Foreign Secretary's speeches are normally corrected after they have gone out, but he might want to advise the Prime Minister rather more about how to get the content right in the first place.
On aid— [Interruption.] Calm down, dear; there are more questions to answer. On aid, can the Prime Minister—with the help of the Foreign Secretary, who is now fully engaged in this—tell us how much of the very substantial UK aid is being spent in Helmand and how much in the rest of the country? Should we not be focusing our aid efforts to a much greater extent where our soldiers are deployed and where so much is at stake?

If anyone has a clip of this then I would be most grateful.

All in all it's very overblown. I refer to men and women as dear, darling, sweetie, and slave (in the intern's case anyway) and I have yet to be called a sexist pig. But then maybe it's only allowed because I'm female. Oops, hang on. Female is still allowed right?

Anyway, back to work!

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