Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Recess: It's Oh So Quiet!

Imagine being a five year old child and becoming lost in an old museum. Everything creaks and flutters with moths. There's nothing exciting about all that dark wooden panelling and stone floor and then you turn a wrong corner and suddenly you're staring up at something ghastly and frightful. Is it a statue about to come to life, a Baron who swears blind that he only took the peerage to please his wife or perhaps a painting that stares down at you with Victorian disgust? That is what work has been like. For a few brief moments there's some noise and movement and then it's back to the echoey silence of the Westminster Palace at recess time.

A few of you have emailed me over the last few days and I thank you for the images.

Most MPs have gone back to their constituencies but not all. No, there are a few dedicated and hard working individuals hanging out on the terrace and necking the champers. 
Diane Abbott conspiring to bring down the Bourgeois
In some offices where the MP has taken a few days off, the staff have taken it upon themselves to decorate with campaign posters. I am told that the Sergeant at Arms has removed the poster as it breaks Parliamentary rules but when the photographer asked whose office it was, he was told to take a hike.

I'm told this is Graham Allen Parliamentary office
I know what my dear readers are thinking. 'That's boring Flick, why are you putting up random photos like this?' Mainly because it links into the AV campaign and therefore gives me an excuse to mention that the No to AV guys have Rik Mayall on board as Alan B'stard, the man who almost single handedly sparked my interest in politics. Amongst other things...

Toodles x

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