Friday, 1 April 2011

"We wanna to be free to do what we wanna do!"

I thought since I had wasted a Saturday in Hyde Park listening to over paid union bosses and self-obsessed media luvvies, it was only fair that I also attend the Rally Against Debt. Who am I kidding? You couldn't pay me to keep away! It all sounds like jolly good fun and I look forward to chanting "Greed is good!" and "What do we want? More of our own money left in our pockets! When do we want it? Now or as soon as possible within a economically stable time frame!" Or something along those lines...

So I am looking for suggestions for placards and chants. What's the best you've got?

On another topic: I spent FORTY FIVE minutes trying to fix the bosses computer today. Seems something in the thingy got corrupted as a judge and stopped work. Cue lots of swearing and banging of fists from his corner. It's not like I had any of my own work to do. Oh wait... I've got into the habit of asking if he has turned it off and back on again just to pre-empt the PICT guys when I call them for help.

IPSA have been making a few changes to their policies. Problem is they're not telling any MPs or staffers when they do it. I am thinking about visiting a butchers, buying some giblets and then visiting IPSA on their home turf. I figured I would get a clearer and quicker answer to my questions by divining from chicken entrails on the street outside their office than I would if I emailed or called. Especially if I needed information first thing in the morning because those hard workers at IPSA start at 1pm. That's 1pm to 5pm! You chaps must be exhausted!


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