Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Batman and the Hangover Goblin

Well hello there!

A few times over the last five days I thought that Parliament would be recalled. I must say I did hope that it would happen. 

Today it felt like it was just me, Rachel and the security guard who doesn't like me much. That doesn't really narrow it down, not after I shouted at one of them last week. There is a general feeling that they make the rules up as they go along. Some days an intern gets past them, other days they can't. Some days you're only allowed near a commitee corridor if there's an event. The words "jumped up little fascist sh*t" may have passed my lips one afternoon last week. I was angry enough that the guard in question merely nodded and stepped back.

I got into the office very early Friday morning as I had to get on the roof and retrieve my pass. Yes, that is what I said!
Rachel and I had drinks with a few others on Wednesday night. I joked about getting a photo on the roof. It is after all settling into roof weather and I know a lot of people who have gone up there after a few glasses. These people include MPs as well as staffers. I thought if they can go up there then surely we can too. What harm would it cause? Firstly it helps not to fall out of the door and on to the ledge. My knees are black and blue! Secondly I don't recommend dancing in front of any spot lights, not unless you want the Metropolitan police thinking that f*cking Batman is paying them a visit.

As we were giggling and making our way back, one of the lads with us (silly blonde quiff and overly white teeth) grabbed at my chest. Was I more annoyed that he grabbed my security pass and threw it into the shadows or that my chest didn't warrant a grope? I guess we'll never know.
Either way I had to gingerly make my way onto the ledge Friday morning, run to the corner, grab my poor pass and scurry back without being spotted. There was a split second when I caught my reflection in an office window and thought 'I look quite sexy this high above London!' before mentally slapping myself and heading back in. I could have gone up there on Thurday but the Hangover Goblin wouldn't let me.
You've all seen the Hangover Goblin, right?

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