Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Boobs and Nazis

What a pair...
 Monday flew by. I guess coded bomb threats near Whitehall will do that to a working day!

I have just seen an advert for 3D footage of the Third Reich on the History channel. Come on, that’s going a bit too far now. I know that these days unless something is in 3D it’s not worth watching but if I want to see Nazis in more than one dimension I’ll go to a Fabian Society event. (Boom boom!)

We had a discussion in the office about the ‘life length’ test which was all over the news today. I don’t see the problem with finding out how long you have left since health plays only a part of it these days. You could jog every day and only eat muesli but that won’t matter a thing if you’re an idiot who doesn’t look when crossing the road.

The boss called me a few times this afternoon from the library and I had to text him at one point with stop calling. You'll get kicked out of the library!

He responded with I'd like to see them try! He wouldn't tell me why he was down there or what he was looking for. I just hope he wasn't just sat in a tea room somewhere looking at adult mags. 


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