Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Broken Printers and Crazy Pills

I am so angry I could quite literally punch the face off a squirrel. Is anyone else locked into what feels like an eternal battle with their printer? 

It says it has ran out of ink so I replace the cartridge. Then it needs to clean itself then initialise follow by a crash, a jam and ANOTHER clean! I’ve tried rebooting it and opening all the drawers. I’ve even taken to threatening it with fire and cold tea much to the bosses worried looks.  He can p*ss off since he’s STILL taking to his Lady Thatcher photograph! Sometimes it just feels like we’re all taking the same crazy pills. I could just climb on the roof and scream.

I’ve got a huge pile of work that needs scanning in front of me as I type this and it will not be getting done this evening. Nothing winds me up more than having to stay later than 7pm because of defunct technology. I've written to Sir Ian Kennedy at IPSA to request a second scanner or printer in the office but surprise surprise, not even a acknowledgement.

I’ve only left the office once today. When I wasn’t working or being insulted down the phone by bat sh*t insane newly elected Cllrs, I sat under my desk and had lunch whilst watching business in the house. I do wish we had a debate between Ed Balls and George Osborne every week, they're just so bitchy to each other. 

I'm giving up on the printer. I've got better things to do like trying to set up a meeting with a Minister despite the best efforts of his department mandarins. If they want to steal every moment of his day so there's nothing left for anyone else then fine. I'll suggest to the boss that he visit the Minister at home in the dead of night if I have to!

Okay... It is definitely home time.

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