Friday, 6 May 2011

The Morning After

Apologies for the lack of posts; it's been a busy time and I haven't yet slept.

Maybe it's the fact that I have been running on nothing but coffee and red wine for the last 24 hours or maybe I'm just due a breakdown but I don't get why the Lib Dem results are the fault of the Tories.

Dave has gone out of his way to be as chummy as possible to Nick and has been very generous with Lib Dem policy. No matter how many times there have been little snide remarks from Lib Dem Ministers, Dave has just shrugged. He's been laid back enough that it's p*ssing Tory backbenchers off! Yet somehow their local election results are our fault?

My message to any Liberal readers (and I hope I have a few) is that the blame lies with Labour. They have seen their chance to paint themselves as the only true 'progressives' and 'voice of the Left' and they've gone for it. They have nudged unions and whispered in the ears of students, dumped sh*t at Clegg's feet all the while pretending that they wouldn't have had to take the same decisions.

Of course I don't blame Labour for that, play the game and play to win. Nor am I naive enough to think that Dave and George aren't counting their lucky stars that fortune has delivered them a human shield in the shape of their Coalition partners.

I do think that there are those who need to decide what side of the fence they're on and stick to it. I'm looking at you Chris.

Time to sleep x

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