Tuesday, 10 May 2011

This is why politics ages you...

I am currently sitting at my desk in sunglasses, surrounded by empty coffee cups and the remains of a bacon sandwich. Why do I do this to myself?

It could be worse though. I am fairly certain that the boss slept in his car last night and is looking like five different shades of sh*t. There is little being said in the office that doesn't resemble a death groan. It's all a bit tender this morning.

I certainly did the rounds last night. Yes, I am aware that doesn't sound very lady like and frankly you should be ashamed of yourselves for taking it that way. I did pop into the cider reception to enjoy a few glasses. It was really just three tables set up with a selection of drinks and lots of people stood around talking about apples. I was out of there after a few quickies. Jess Norman and Ben Gummer were chatting with a group off to one side and looking like a gang of school boys. Caroline Nokes was holding court at one end of the terrace and Rosindell and Fabricant were at the other. It upsets me greatly to know I left before Jo Johnson turned up or Joseph as I know he now wants to be known as. I think I saw Ed Balls in Strangers but by that point it was all a bit hazy. 

Gov Whip, Mark Francois was doing his cheeky chappy act at the reception. I know a staffer who is very taken with him and keeps bringing up the fact that he's single. Mark if you're interested let me know as she wants to give you her number!

All of this on top of the referendum celebration and the all-nighter for the local elections means that I look more tired than Caroline Flint!

Oh my head...

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