Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Can someone translate please?

Laurie Penny: 

To question that is to question people’s identities – and a purchased identity is still an identity.  But identity is not unassailable, nor should it be.  All politics are identity politics! 

This is from an interview found here


  1. Ah, the difference between the public and private spheres, and the difference between collectivism and individualism.

    I assume that Laurie Penny is saying that all politics are identity politics because the political is personal. Politics is about real people, who fit into a variety of different identities. I also assume that she approaches politics from a socialist, collectivist angle, focusing on groups, rather than subscribing to an individualist philosophy.

  2. I think you may be correct. I also think she needs to chill out.

  3. Perhaps she needs a G&T? I make excellent G&Ts.