Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Things I Did Over the Weekend

I passed out with my face squished against a wall Friday night. This wouldn't have been an issue but I had the Union Flag painted on my face and according to my friend Sandra, her wall paper is very expensive. I'm just thankful she hasn't yet seen what one of our mutual friends left in her flower pot.

On Saturday I purchased a novelty tie for someone I don't actually know. I had a choice of persons for whom to buy for but in the end a particular tie with a certain theme made the choice for me. I do hope this doesn't get me into trouble. This is all down to a dare/bet from a few months back and I keep putting it off.

I campaigned on the doorstep for my local Cllr and the AV referendum. Despite a hangover and a severe craving for Nandos I doorstepped for over an hour. I am such a good little Tory.
I do get some stick for wearing my heels out and about but there's no need to lower standards.

Obviously more interesting things happened around the world than they did to me. We've had a royal wedding, the death of Osama Bin Laden, Chris Huhne is having a breakdown and in the constituency a new Vegetable Chess Champion has been crowned. Crazy times...

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