Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monday - The New Lad and his Shiny Hat

Managed to get the Work Experiance Lad to wear the crown long enough for a quick photo and a once up and down the committee corridor. No amount of bullying would get him to the Speaker's Procession it in. Damn shame because I reckon Bercow would have seen the funny side...

'Why do you have a crown made out of House of Commons embossed paper Flick?' I hear you cry. The answer is very simple: because sometimes politics is boring. Not often and not very much but enough to make you spend 15 minutes cutting out bits of paper and playing with coloured pens.

And of course drink was a factor. Never let me near a tube of glue and bag of glittler after a few shorts.

Did I receive any Valentine's Cards? Did I f**k. Clearly this drinking, smoking, dolled up cynic isn't everyone's cup of tea. I do hope the boss liked his.

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