Friday, 25 February 2011

Bring Me Sunshine, Tequila and Phil Woolas's Security Pass

We had sunshine over Westminster today. It warmed my heart to see a bright blue sky over Big Ben. Anyway, enough of all that touchy feeling stuff. I can confirm that there was no vomiting or retching in the office today so it was a definite plus on yesterday.

Phil Woolas. Phil 'kicked out on his arse' Woolas was on the Parliamentary Estate today. I passed him just outside the Stranger's Bar mid afternoon and he had a few guests with him. Personally I don't think he should be allowed back in even to clear his desk let alone bring in guests and show off.

"Here's where I would have lunch...before I was barred from Parliament. Here's where I would vote...before I was barred from Parliament. And here's where my old boss, Ed gave me the immigration brief in the shadow cabinet...beforeIwasbarredfromParliament."

Poor sicky Ricky wasn't in today. In fact everyone seems to be coming down with something hungover at the moment. If I'm in the office on a Friday all by myself then chances are I am going to get bored and when Flick is bored drink is drunk. I've been meaning to try out the Speaker's chair...

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