Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Roulette, Balls and the Giant Orange Face of the Hoff

I do believe I have spent most of today playing ‘Phone line Roulette’. Surely you have all played the game? It’s where you call the House of Commons operators, ask for a certain department and get something completely random. The kind soul of an operator can hear the frustration and fatigue in your voice and thinks it will brighten your day to get the Member’s Centre rather than the Events team or the Stranger’s Dining room rather than Facilities. Oh the surprise of it all! 

I can't say I'm sorry I missed the Hoff on the Estate today. Now if it had been Steven Seagal well let me tell you.....I probably wouldn’t have cared for that either. 

The only time I raised my head from where I was slowly banging it against my desk was to either watch Daily Politics or Treasury Questions. I’ve been with my Member of Parliament long enough now to distinguish his ‘yeah yeah yeah’ from everyone else’s in the chamber. Worryingly it’s a habit I seem to be picking up myself whenever I agree with something someone has said. I’m told I do it a great deal when I’ve had a few drinks so I am clearly much more agreeable after a few shots.
The boss came back to the office after TQs and said Balls had been dreadful. Seems Balls and his PPS were the only ones trying to make any noise when Osborne was on his feet, the Labour backbenches were ‘detached’. Balls really will be the Son of Brown if he turns into a Billy-no-mates.

My clock says 18:20 - that’s bar o’clock in my book. 


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