Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wednesday Ping-Pong Fun Time!

I came into work today to find picture of Ed balls printed, cut out and sellotaped around my PC screen. Surely that counts as bullying in the work place? I know of one MP’s office where the Member has pictures of Kelly Brooke on his desk and his staff have little cut outs of George Osborne. I won’t mention names but they know who they are.

The work experience lad wants to be an MP. This wouldn’t be a problem except that today he asked which party was in opposition. I fear for the future, I really do.

The Government Whip’s email about tonight’s vote came through. There were suggestions that Member's 'get their camp beds out' as they were in for a long night. ‘Fab Michael’ titled the email PING-PONG TONIGHT. I wonder how many MPs read that and went to that special pervy place in their heads. A lot on our side no doubt.

I tried printing out 153 letters today to respond to the forest lobbying. We could have sent emails but I wanted them to appreciate the point of the wasted paper. Of course the good old HP printers we all enjoy in these offices chose not to comply. Anything more than two pages at a time and we were greeted with a reboot. There was a brief moment when I considered telling the boss to leave the office while I ‘accidentally’ knocked the printer to the ground. By that I mean take a run at it and really put my body weight into pushing it off the desk. 
I didn’t take this option in the end. Instead I called PICT and requested an engineer visit...again. 

To the S&S!

EDIT:  Many thanks to Spellman for the forest u-turn. I now have to re-do EVERY letter!

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