Friday, 18 February 2011

Guido Fawkes and My Derrière

Those readers who follow me on twitter will know that Thursday morning I raged against Caroline Spelman. I raged against her and the printer and every tree-hugging hippy the world over! Of course after watching her answer Denis MacShane’s UQ I felt somewhat sorry for her. That lasted for a short few moments until I remembered how much money she was likely on and I promptly stopped caring. I would never cut it as a ‘bleeding heart liberal’.

I must hunt down Mr Fawkes and buy him a drink or two for linking to this humble little diary today. No doubt a few individuals have had their curiosity pipped as to which Member of Parliament I work for. What can I say about my boss? He’s a right wing, epicurean old bastard who hates Europe but delights in slapping me on the arse when I have my head in the filing cabinet. Between you and me dear readers, I don’t mind the arse slapping. I pinched his bum at last year’s ‘Real Ale’ reception as he was taking a swig and it almost came out of his nose. We have an odd working relationship.

EDIT - It has been pointed out to me that MacShane's UQ was in fact on Bahrain and not forests. An easy mistake to make! I must take the time to pay more attention to what our friends on the opposition benches are saying.


  1. Dear Felicity

    Can only assume from the similarities that you have been reading Molly Bennett's longstanding Mid-Wife Crisis blog about what appears to be her equally odd working relationship with her MP boss?

    I shall compare and contrast your new blog with hers in future, in the hope that this will ultimately provide a solution to the question as to whether Labour or Conservative MPs make the worse bosses.

  2. I must say that I wasn't aware of Molly's blog but thanks for the tip, I'll give it a look.