Thursday, 10 February 2011

No Votes for Druggy Gnomes

The boss was in the office before me today which goes to show how busy it was going to be. The hacks were circling every MP in an attempt to get something juicy. I spotted Paul Waugh sprinting out of Moncrieff's at one point like he had scented blood.

It has already been tweeted by other sources but I heard today from a Member that Anne Main MP was visited by someone from No.10 this morning and told to withdraw the 'no prisoner compensation' amendment she had put forward. 

They do seem to be a little confused as to what they wanted out of this 'prisoner vote' debate. Dave was sick to his stomach but wouldn't give a straight answer at PMQs, some MPs were saying they were being nudged by Whips to rebel but then the Government line went out mid-afternoon by email to all Members, it was just as vague and wet as the PM had been. 
When I was in my teens I had a friend who tried sniffing aerosol cans and he told me he once hallucinated a garden gnome snowboarding through his bedroom window, flying round the room before melting in front of him while screaming the national anthem. He didn't touch the things after that and tended to leave the room whenever God Save the Queen came on the TV during a sporting event. 
However confusing or weird that little story might seem to you, I still think it makes more sense than Downing Street's game plan on the ECHR and prisoner votes.

I noticed this on Eye Spy MP today - Stanley Johnson seen eating a cheese sandwich in Bellamys with Neil Parish MP. Stanley has a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
I am gutted for not seeing him in person. Stanley Johnson is a legend if for nothing else other than helping to create Boris. Cripes!

This neatly brings me onto 'Hotties in the House' or as Guido likes to call it - Totty Watch. I will have to agree with some of chaps he has on there; Goldsmith, Mogg, Hancock and Kelly but what about Drax and Gummer from the new intake? Yes...I know. I discuss the important subjects here!

Derek wasn't in today but I know he somehow plans to attend tonight's staffers party. I wish him luck, especially as I hinted to the girls over lunch that he might have a little rash somewhere on his person. We have a new lad starting next week and I've already decided that the first thing he has to do is watch the Speaker's Procession through Central Lobby whilst wearing a crown. It's the little things in life.

Anyhoo the work day is over, the motion was carried and I now have to go and get my slap on for tonight. If this post doesn't go up until Sunday then you know I drank to much and cocked it up.


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