Friday, 18 March 2011

Bitch Fight with the Police

The boss was somewhat fragile today. As I understand it he managed to get himself slipped for Wednesday evening and then disappeared into the evening air with his wife. I don’t know where they went but his phone was turned off and this morning he’s sporting a love bite and a hangover. The old dog!

Rachel the intern was stopped by security today. Normally she is able to get quite close to the office as long as she sticks to the ‘public area’. This time though she was stopped by a petite female officer who was having none of it. This meant I had to get up and get her which put me in a bad mood. Subsequently the argument I then had with the officer may have been caught in the background of a news report. Can’t tell for sure though. This is why I prefer male officers, the older ones especially as they don’t care anymore. They just want a quiet life and a smile from ‘a pretty lass’ which I’m always more than happy to help with.

I’m being urged to go to the Sports tonight but it's karaoke night and it never end well. It’s a tiny pokey little bar anyway but it’s rammed with bodies on a Thursday night and you can’t hear yourself think over the cat wails that is the singing. I think I shall pass...or will I?

Funniest thing I’ve seen today was a No2AV parody tweeted out by Mr Cole. It’s been added to my little wall of ‘images that make me laugh and/or inspire me’.
It joins Maggie on the doorstop, Brown being told about Bigotgate, Boulton vs. Campbell and the past mentioned George and his hoe plus a wealth of others!


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