Friday, 11 March 2011

Parental Disappointment for the Main Course

As I mentioned in my post yesterday I spent the evening with my family to celebrate my mother's birthday. The evening consisted mainly of an campaign of terror by mummy dearest about my marital status, or lack there off. Fun for all the family, my parent's friends, my parent's neighbours and my parent's work colleagues. None of whom seemed to 'get' me or my lifestyle. Cue my long suffering sigh.

I am sure many dear readers have been in a similar situation with friends, loved ones or just normal people who don't think about politics 80% to 90% of the time. You tell them you don't have the time or energy to concentrate on a full time relationship let alone marriage. This to them seems alien. "Not everything is about your work, Felicity." No but everything is almost certainly about politics; local, national, party, office and sexual.
You use the old "I want to make a difference and help people" line which they don't buy if they know you. When you eventually declare that it boils down to a love for the game, the fight and the all encompassing glory that comes with winning then the person opposite you excuses themselves and leaves.

I've gotten to the stage where I now tell people or members of my family that I have a fetish for powerful men in suits, the aroma of assumed power and the sound of the division bell. This still ends with them backing away and muttering darkly but at least it saves me going through the motions. You can knock back a lot more liquid when you don't have to bother trying to make with the small talk. 

For those of you wondering: yes, I am a fabulous dinner party guest!


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