Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mike Hancock, Bone and my Mother

Something that has tickled me this week was the little cock-up in Downing Street. An email found its way into my inbox. It may or may not have been forwarded to me by someone on the email list, I won't say names.
The email was an invite to No.10 for a No to AV meeting with the PM but there amongst all the Tory names was Mike Handcock, Lib Dem MP and walking beard!

Why on earth would he be invited to such a meeting when I'm pretty sure he's in the Yes camp. Then it became clear that it had obviously been intended for Matthew Hancock, Tory MP and V neck jumper addict.
I wonder if Mike was suprised when the email appeared in his inbox, possibly nestled between emails advertising Viagra and Russian wife catalogues.

The prize for best asked PMQ this week goes to Peter Bone. You can see it here.

It's my mother's birthday today so this evening will be spent visiting the relatives and hearing again and again how super my sister's marriage is going. Pass the bottle please!

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