Friday, 25 March 2011

Blinky Balls and Bust

Tesco has started spamming the boss with emails about the iPad 2. Clever bastards but they're forgetting one little thing: most MPs can't even work their Blackberrys and would probably end up using an iPad as a clipboard.

Speaking of emails, has anyone else been getting emails from Tony Blair? The boss has had a few now and it looks like all MPs have been cc'ed in. It's the whole 'WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE AND IT'S DOWN TO THE GAYS' bullsh*t. I don't think it's our Tony Blair but it is certainly someone else with a screw loose.

Rachel the intern asked today why MPs stand up after someone speaks in the chamber. She thought it was to show support for what had been said. I resisted the urge to pat her head and just settled for "shush, less talky talky and more posty posty." She's swearing a lot more these days and has starting asking me what it's like to smoke. The more this place corrupts her the more I'm warming to her. 

I would have left it there but then I had the displeasure of seeing Ed Balls' Budget Response on the television before BBC Question Time. Whose bloody idea was it to film it in a Sure Start centre? Osborne does his in a plush and stately room. Balls does his in what looks like a classroom and ends up looking like a predatory, BUG eyed warning to children.


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