Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wales, Zak Goldsmith and the Peculiar Practice of Tom Watson

Today was cold. So cold in fact that even the sound of a Welsh choir couldn’t warm my cockles. I walked through a busy Westminster Hall and heard singing but with the cram of bodies I couldn't see where it was originating from. I had a brief panic filled moment where I thought ‘I've finally lost my marbles, I’m too young!’ Turns out it was just the St David’s Day celebration. And my hangover.

I became caught up in the crowd for the Speaker’s Procession again today. I swear he does it on purpose! At least I was standing near Richard Drax who does look a heck of a lot better in person. Oh this reminds me, I must stop perving over the male MPs when they can see me. I do believe I said to a colleague “There’s Zak ‘phwoar look at his arse’ Goldsmith!” as I passed Zak in the lobby. I have feeling that he might be able to read lips, you know.
I’m sure there will be at least one dear reader pointing to the above and crying sexist. I don’t care and if you hadn’t figured that out after reading about the bum slapping in previous posts then there’s no hope for you.

01/03/11 17:55 GMT - Tom Watson stood up in the House and didn’t slag anyone off. Quite the opposite, he rose and thanked the Home Secretary for her work on Cowboy Clampers. The chamber was shocked and perplexed. Has someone been slipping something into his tea? It would explain the rosy glow and happy smile on his face. 

Tom if you’re reading this, and I hear you're a fan, I am of course joking. I know your drug is chocolate...

Toodles for now.

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